About Home Inspection Queens


Of course you know yourself what home inspecting is, because the name does basically describe itself. You are inspecting a home, if it is a home you are personally buying yourself or if you are inspecting it for someone else to buy. Before you begin on inspecting any home personal or not you need to make sure that you bring with you two most important items when it comes to home inspections. These two most necessary items are a ladder and a camera. The follow paragraphs will give more depth as to why.

Why you should have these items

You will want to bring the camera because nothing is more believable then having a picture of everything that you see at the house if it is good or bad. Having it in photo will prove that you did look at expected everything that should be looked at before you buy a house if it is for you or for someone who is buying. The ladder is so you can climb up onto the roof if you choose to. It is not something you have to do but why not. A look at the roof is important to someone who is buying if you just look at the roof from what you just see from the ground you may not see that there is some roofing missing or the heating vent is poor shape at the top you won’t know unless you get up there. To me things wrong with the roof can make or break a deal to buy the house they are selling. Once you have done a thorough look over of the house write out everything you found good and bad. Also make sure you put in your write up document that you are not professional contractor you are just the house inspector and these are areas you are recommending before purchasing.

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